At Aveil Medical Spa in East Norwich, NY, our Wellness Programs are designed to help our patients live LIFE to its fullest. We are dedicated to providing integrated and holistic solutions to optimize your health.


Prevail Medical Weight Loss

Prevail, Aveil's weight loss program, begins with a thorough history and medical evaluation, which is necessary to identify any physiologic barriers that may hinder you from reaching your optimal wight goal.  Our treatment plan is based on your individual lifestyle, and physiologic makeup. Obesity is a symptom, that upon further evaluation, often reveals an underlying medical condition, which  responds best to medical management with specific dietary modifications, or dietary management alone.

At Previal,  we know that weight loss is just as often physiological as it is behavioral.   Our goal is to help you attain the body contour you desire.  Thick or thin, our aim is a healthy, happy, you!

Trigger Point Injections


Treatment for Stiff, Painful Muscles


When a muscle becomes stiff, torn, or bruised, the point of origin for the injury is known as the “trigger point”. A trigger point injection contains a mixture of medications that helps the muscle relax and reduce inflammation. As the medication does its work, blood flow will improve and the body will start to heal itself.

Pain from an injured muscle can cause headaches or aches in other areas of the body, such as  pain in the arms, legs, or lower back. Trigger point injections are one of the most effective means of remedying these problems.

Receiving a trigger point injection typically only takes 15 minutes. You may receive several injections over the next couple weeks, but after that, they are usually limited to one session every two months.

Trigger point injections are very safe and there should not be any side effects. If you are taking physical therapy, trigger point injections have been shown to improve overall performance and efficiency in these programs.

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Integrative Medicine

Aveil's Naturopathic approach to health utilizes supplements, bio-identical hormones, and medication when necessary, to fight disease and reverse the degenerative process often associated with aging. Through pre-emptive and/or therapeutic intervention, we will improve your health, mental clarity, and overall vigor to promote longevity and enhanced quality of life.

Dr. Anna Becker is a NYS board certified physician who specializes in integrative medicine, a discipline that focuses on identifying a disease processes prior to its development, and supporting the body in preventing further deterioration.

Her practice is to design a course of treatment based on the Integrative medicine paradigm, which is open to integrating and utilizing any applicable modality, with the goal of ameliorating a physical ailment, ideally prior to its full development. In contrast, an actual diagnosis of an underlying condition, e.g., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, often does not yield solutions within the scope of traditional western medicine, which often ignores alternative approaches in favor of  a strictly pharmaceutical treatment.

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